Happy Valentines Day – Already!

So Christmas & New Year has come and left us in the blink of an eye and Valentines day is upon us!

Yes the Month of Lourrrve is soon to be here!

What have you got planned? Romantic meal for 2 or mad night out with all your girlfriends 🙂 I know which one I be opting for lol

So just who is this ‘Valentine’ geezer that has declaring our love for all n sundry every 14th February?

There are a number of beliefs about the origins of Saint Valentines Day.

There is a story that it originated to celebrate the life of a priest who is now a saint, who married people in secret, when young men were banned from getting married. Apparently the priest fell in love while he was in jail, and he wrote her a Valentines Day letter, telling her of his love.

There are also the belief that Valentine’s Day was originally a pagan celebration of fertility.

The oldest known valentine poem was written by the Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was in jail in 1415.

Whatever the case, and whatever your current situation, you can enjoy being a Valentine or enjoy the Day with good friends.

But Remember, Its always better to seduce in Seductive Lingerie!!

Think you know all about Valentines Day? Take the Valentine Quiz and find out xx

And Tell Us what You are doing for Valentines?

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