Lisa Riley’s Chesca Fashion Collection

Just spotted an article on Lisa Riley and as i so love our Lisa’s energy and personality I thought uummm i’ll have a read of it.

lis riley cov1.jpg Copy curvy icon Lisa Rileys style with our top 3 plus size dresses from Chesca

It went on to say that our curvy icon for plus size women currently has a selection (I assumed fashion) at Chesca, so I clicked on over to view and was quite disappointed to find that there was No feature section for our Lisas’ ‘Selection’ and Chesca ‘s selected favourites, plus size dresses from the selection that will give you ‘Lisa Riley’s curvy look instantly’, where just listed within the dresses section 😦

Chesca selection for that 'Lisa Riley’s curvy look instantly'

Chesca selection for that ‘Lisa Riley’s curvy look instantly’

But i had a look round the site and yes there was some nice enough dresses, if somewhat pricey for an average shopper like me (dresses ranged from £60 – £325) the nicer ones being the higher price range!! and more Red Carpet dresses than the weekend out with the girlz dressses!

A few of my Chesca selection

A few of My Chesca selection £75 – £235


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