A new Image? A Re-brand? We all need one Sometime!

We All need to rebrand ourselves at different stages in our lives, going to uni, marriage, new job, relocation!

Why? Well we know company’s do it to with themselves and there products, ‘opal fruits – starbusrts, marathon – snickers’, new name new image, often to try to change the way people think about it.

So in the same way Your personal image will influence how people see and think about you.


In the work place you want people to think about you in a particular way so that you can achieve the right responses,  in a social setting, you might want people to see a more relaxed you!

So you need to ask yourself, are you projecting the right image or is it time to change your look?

Here are some basic rules you should stick to:

* Don’t let your hair, make-up or nails let you down. Grooming is key to a successful business look.
* Wear make-up, it will enhance your looks and convey that you are in control of your life outside of work as well as at work, but keep it minimal.
* Absolutely no threadbare clothes, missing buttons, down at the heel shoes allowed.
* Your clothes should fit well and suit you and be properly laundered or dry cleaned.
* Don’t forget your own Personal Look!



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