Well Happy New Year! lol

or is it abit late to say that now! lol

well I decided after such a crappy 2013! that 2014 would see me in a new mind set and thinking positive thoughts about myself and my Lingerie website! Starting with embracing that its Not just a Lingerie website! Its a Business! A Lingerie Business! God damn it, It’s an amazing Plus Size Lingerie Business wanting to provide beautiful Lingerie for All the Curvy Curvaceous Ladies out there!

YES! Lingerie Seduction IS a Plus Size Lingerie Business!! And This is MY YEAR! and im taking this business my the horns this year and going to make Good things happen!

And low and behold Ive been approached by the wonderful Plus Size magazine Curvaceous Inc! So tomorrow im up at 4.30AM! to travel down to Birmingham to meet up with them.

I can’t say to much as yet -im Very superstitious lol- but all be revealed in time, so keep watching!


Have you Every been on a #Diet?

Do you want to be in a book?

I’m writing the e-book now…and I’d like to put a shout out for anyone who would like to contribute! I’m especially looking for

1. Your experiences of dieting in the 80s and 90s. Which specific diets did you try that stand out? What happened? How did you feel?
2. Your ‘eureka’ moments – what made you stop dieting?
3. Your advice to anyone currently dieting and caught up in the trap
4. How it feels now you’re not dieting any more.

PM me through the Gorgeously Full Fat Facebook Page and I’ll be in touch!

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Things Nobody Tells you about Ageing!

Valerie Monroe, beauty Director for The Oprah Magazine, reveals challenging truths that nobody ever tells you about ageing! And how to face them!

1. You start to see more hair on your face!

2. The Hair on  your head starts to Thin!

3. Your Eyebrows become sparse.

4. Your teeth become more prominent.

5. Hands become veiny and spotted.

Woman with mustache


How many of these you noticed about yourself?

No 1. has Definitely kicked in for me already!

Am Sooo loving @JadaSezer shoot in March @EvolveOnlineMag

WOW Jada Sezer on Evolves front cover looks Amazing! and in this month March Edition of Evolve Mag wearing a number of outfits AND Swimwear that show off  Plus Size assets!

The Dress & Swimsuit are Stunning! don't You Think?

The Dress & Swimsuit are Stunning! don’t You Think?

Its Great to see, and show that Curvy Girlz ,Can and Do look stunning!!

Take A Look and Tell Us What you Think?

Take A Look and Tell Us What you Think?

There is also and exclusive interview with Claire from Steps and the Exclusive from the First British Plus Size Fashion Weekend #BPSFW

Have you checked out Curvy Girls on NUVO.tv ?

Have you seen Curvy Girls on web Channel mynuvotv.com? I guess id describe it as Fly on the wall/ Sex in the City/documentary following 4 Plus size models trying to make it in New York.

Have a watch, see what you think 🙂 I love Ivorys ‘Dating Checklist’ lol

Curvy Girls on nuvotv.com

Curvy Girls on nuvotv.com