A new Image? A Re-brand? We all need one Sometime!

We All need to rebrand ourselves at different stages in our lives, going to uni, marriage, new job, relocation!

Why? Well we know company’s do it to with themselves and there products, ‘opal fruits – starbusrts, marathon – snickers’, new name new image, often to try to change the way people think about it.

So in the same way Your personal image will influence how people see and think about you.


In the work place you want people to think about you in a particular way so that you can achieve the right responses,  in a social setting, you might want people to see a more relaxed you!

So you need to ask yourself, are you projecting the right image or is it time to change your look?

Here are some basic rules you should stick to:

* Don’t let your hair, make-up or nails let you down. Grooming is key to a successful business look.
* Wear make-up, it will enhance your looks and convey that you are in control of your life outside of work as well as at work, but keep it minimal.
* Absolutely no threadbare clothes, missing buttons, down at the heel shoes allowed.
* Your clothes should fit well and suit you and be properly laundered or dry cleaned.
* Don’t forget your own Personal Look!



Mistakes when shopping for Jeans?

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that, next to swimsuit shopping, there is nothing more likely to induce a nervous breakdown than looking for jeans! Well it turns out there is actually a reason for this, and it’s not (just) my freakishly chunky legs!

Fashion blogger Marie Denee, says “In production, trousers are cut in batches of 100s, so the top one in the batch will fit slightly differently—especially in the same size and especially in jeans—so it’s important to bring one size up and one size down into the dressing room when you are trying out bottoms.”

So that will be More Shopping time needed! 🙂

What to Wear: Plus Size Wedding Style!

Diva Womens Wear

Flowers are in bloom and love is in the air, and with it comes lots of sunshine and of course, spring weddings! Much like bathing suit shopping (ugh!), finding the right gown to complement your full-figured physique is all about finding the right fit! Whether you’re an hourglass, apple, or pear shape, it’s all about finding a dress that will enhance your curves and camouflage your trouble spots. For figures that are more pear-shaped, the goal should be to emphasize your beautiful decolletage, look for details like embellished straps and ruffles like the first dress shown below. For hourglass figures, look for a shape that nips in at the waist (like the second gown shown below) this silhouette will highlight your rocking curves while giving you structure. Apple shapes should keep their eyes peeled for gowns with detailing at the top and waist to create curves where there might not…

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Beyonce – Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2013

Well She’s done it! Mrs Carter! Beyonce or Ms Bee to you and me! lol Is on her way! She’s kicked of her 2013 world tour in Belgrade, Serbia on monday and Hits the Uk in Birmingham 26th April and anyone attending is guaranteed to see her rocking it  in some stunning outfits!

Emilio Pucci also released sketches of the looks the designer crafted along with Queen Bey herself! What do you think?

Peter Dundas x Beyoncé 'Mrs Carter Show' Tour_1    Peter Dundas x Beyoncé 'Mrs Carter Show' Tour_2

Peter Dundas x Beyoncé 'Mrs Carter Show' Tour_3   Peter Dundas x Beyoncé 'Mrs Carter Show' Tour_5

The Queen unveiled designs from the best, including a custom hand beaded one-piece by Ralph & Russo, a cobalt jumpsuit by Vrettos Vrettakos, and a lilac hand beaded jacket and boots by Pucci. We’re in love with here sky high Giuseppe Zanotti boots. Bey’s designer roster also includes twin duo DSquared2 and her heels were crafted by Stuart Weitzman.


Am Sooo loving @JadaSezer shoot in March @EvolveOnlineMag

WOW Jada Sezer on Evolves front cover looks Amazing! and in this month March Edition of Evolve Mag wearing a number of outfits AND Swimwear that show off  Plus Size assets!

The Dress & Swimsuit are Stunning! don't You Think?

The Dress & Swimsuit are Stunning! don’t You Think?

Its Great to see, and show that Curvy Girlz ,Can and Do look stunning!!

Take A Look and Tell Us What you Think?

Take A Look and Tell Us What you Think?

There is also and exclusive interview with Claire from Steps and the Exclusive from the First British Plus Size Fashion Weekend #BPSFW

Lisa Riley’s Chesca Fashion Collection

Just spotted an article on Lisa Riley and as i so love our Lisa’s energy and personality I thought uummm i’ll have a read of it.

lis riley cov1.jpg Copy curvy icon Lisa Rileys style with our top 3 plus size dresses from Chesca

It went on to say that our curvy icon for plus size women currently has a selection (I assumed fashion) at Chesca, so I clicked on over to view and was quite disappointed to find that there was No feature section for our Lisas’ ‘Selection’ and Chesca ‘s selected favourites, plus size dresses from the selection that will give you ‘Lisa Riley’s curvy look instantly’, where just listed within the dresses section 😦

Chesca selection for that 'Lisa Riley’s curvy look instantly'

Chesca selection for that ‘Lisa Riley’s curvy look instantly’

But i had a look round the site and yes there was some nice enough dresses, if somewhat pricey for an average shopper like me (dresses ranged from £60 – £325) the nicer ones being the higher price range!! and more Red Carpet dresses than the weekend out with the girlz dressses!

A few of my Chesca selection

A few of My Chesca selection £75 – £235