What Is Difference between a Babydoll & Chemise #Lingerie??

Admit it, you too have been confused as to what, if any is the difference between a Babydoll and a Chemise !  Even Retailers & designers quite regularly interchange the terms which adds to our confusion!

Is it the terminology used on one side of the pond to the other? is it length or style that determines if it is a babydoll or a chemise?

Well its no supprise that we like the confidence and the beautiful feel that wearing lingerie gives us, but you’ll no doubt be surprised that Men to used to wear chemise type undergarment in middle ages as it seems to have been developed from the Roman Tunica and became popular thoughout Europe in the middle ages as an undergarment.

Although the word Chemise derived from the Latin word ‘shirt’ he English later changed the term to mean ‘frock’ and the 18th Century European ‘chemise’ developed into the early 20th Century as labourers smock and then to todays ordinary plain short sleeved t-shirt.

After giving way to brassieres girdles and bras in the early 20th Century the Chemise fell out of favour until around the 1920s when they became a vital part of the Flapper Generation.

So what are we left with today?

Intimate Affair Chemise

A Chemise is usually made of silk, satin or lace, depending on you budget and sometimes chiffon.  Semi fitted ‘A’line shift slip that follows/skims the shape of the body at the bust and hips, slender shoulder straps and can be trimmed with ribbons, bows, lace etc but quite often plain and simple.

The Chemise can be different lengths from just below the hip to full ankle length.

Given the style and material of a Chemise you would not be wrong in thinking that they give the look and feel of sensuality and now with so many chemise with attached and detachable suspenders they emphasizes sexuality!

The Babydoll is a much shorter garment made to accentuate the bust and usually hits just below the booty ‘smile’ and occationally to mid thigh.  Sometimes with a bralette (formed cups) for cleavage & support, from which the body of the babydoll falls freely, usually of sheer nylon, chiffon or silk  and very often trimmed with bows, ruffles, feathers, fur, applique etc and alot of styles have either the open ‘flyaway’ front or back and comes with a pantie/thong/g-string

The name was popularized by the 1956 movie Babydoll starring Carroll Baker in the title role as a 19 year old Nymphet, which essentially marked the beginning of the enduring popularity of the babydoll nightwear lingerie.

Cherished Night     Encore Collection Babydoll     Encore Collection Halterneck Babydoll

Which do You prefer? Cheeky Babydoll or classic Chemise??


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#Bravissimo Launch Boob School!!

We’ve All done it at sometime haven’t ladies! At one time or another we have fallen into one of the Seven booby Faux pas,  The QuadraboobThe Super Drooper, The Ledge, The Side Boob, The High Rider, Saggy Cups or The Big Stand Off, none of which, lets admit it, don’t show our boobs off in a favourably light!

Well Ladies, 100 Years after their invention Help is at Hand! Bravissimo have Launched Boob School to mark the Bras 100th Anniversary, to help stop us falling into the ‘Booby Trap’!

Bravissimo Boob School

Check out Bravissimo’s Online Boob School

4 out of 5 women admitted to falling into at least one of the Booby Traps and although larger boobed ladies suffer from at least one of the booby traps, it has not gone unnoticed that our Loose Woman Numbers whizz, Carol Vorderman, is Not immume from Booby faux pas, The Ledge.


What’s YOUR Faux pas?

The most common, experienced by 41% of the women surveyed, is theSide Boob’, in which the cup underwiring sits on the breast rather than on the ribcage, causing overspill at the side.

The High Rider, where the back of the bra rides up, affects 39%

The Quadraboob had 36% admit experiencing – where the breasts spill over the top of a too-small cup, creating the impression of four boobs!

The Big Stand Off 28%, where the front of the bra doesn’t sit flat on the sternum between the boobs

The Super Drooper 26% who aren’t getting enough support, creating the illusion of saggy boobs.

The Saggy Cups 24% bras that are too big for breast so there’s too much fabric.

The Ledge12% is created with Over uplift, transforming your boobs into something that resembles a ledge.

Although all the faux pas identified could be avoided by wearing a good fitting bra, only one in five women said that they were extremely confident that they were wearing the correct bra size.

This is unsurprising, as the study also identified several reasons why women continually experience such uncertainty about their bra size.

Over a two year period 77% have lost or gained weight, 62% have changed their clothes size, 17 %have gone through the menopause and 10% have had a baby, all potentially impacting upon their bra size.

Jo Lee, Buying and Marketing Director at Bravissimo said: ‘We’d noticed that there were a number of booby traps women were falling into, normally because they’ve never experienced a proper fitting and they simply don’t know how to spot the signs that their bra is no longer giving them the support they need.

‘By identifying the seven classic bra faux pas and launching Boob School, we’re hoping that women everywhere can become more knowledgeable about what makes a really good fitting bra.’

Ladies with larger assets experiencing more problems finding a properly fitted bra and dealing with the challenges of having more to handle in the first place.

The Quadraboob was the biggest pitfall for ladies with a larger bust, with 53 per cent of women who were above a GG cup size falling prey

Women of the UK wanting to enroll in Boob School should visit Bravissimo’s website or Facebook page or one of their 21 stores in the UK

Our New Range of 2013 #PlusSize #Corsets Online Now!

Hi there my curvy ladies Our New range of Corsets, Basques and waist Cinchers are now uploaded and online 🙂 some old favourites and some new lines from Dreamgirl, Shirley of Hollywood and Classified range.

Plus Size Corsets

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Plus Size Corsets St Patrick's Day

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#Dreamgirls New Colour Orchid #PlusSize #Lingerie range

Dreamgirls new colour Orchid thoughout the Dreamgirl range of basques, corsets and lingerie, a lovely new colour range, what do you think of it?

Arrange of Dreamgirl Lingerie in their New Season Colour Orchid

Arrange of Dreamgirl Lingerie in their New Season Colour Orchid
Do you like?

Dreamgirl’s New #Encore Collection

New Dreamgirls Pink Diamond Encore 2012 Collection, available in One Size and One Size Plus.  What do you think?

Dreamgirl's Encore 2013 CollectionVibrant Flirty Babydolls

Dreamgirl’s Encore 2013 Collection
Vibrant Flirty Babydolls