Backless Strapless Fashion Forms Bra!!!!

Fashion FormsStrapless & BACKLESS Bra

Fashion Forms
Strapless & BACKLESS Bra

Well ladies! Have you seen the New ‘Wonderbar’! What do you think? A Strapless AND Backless Bra!!

Call me picky lol but I cant really see how they can Actually Work! Especially as they come in sizes upto ‘DD’ cup! ( ive yet to find a picture of the said DD Cup being modelled!)

Seriously, how are they gonna hold up a pair of DD Girlz when out doing the PSY Gangnam style on the dance floor? lol

If you have bought one, give us your feedback on them, tell us what you think 🙂


Clothes with a Secret on ITVs This Morning

WOW Did you see This Mornings segment ‘Clothes with a Secret’ Yesterday???

The Nicole Scherzinger Twitter dress she wore to the launch of the 4G network event, which displayed tweets in real time.

Nicole Scherzinger - Twitter Dress

Nicole Scherzinger – Twitter Dress

Created by London based technology specialist CuteCircuit who also made the light-up gown Katy Perry wore for last years Met Ball in New York, Nicole was truly the Face of EE 4G!

However Scherzinger isn’t the first to hit the limelight with such advanced fashions. Fellow singer Imogen Heap performed at the 2010 Grammy Awards in a dress displaying her Twitter feed, which she said was envisioned as a way to let fans “accompany me on the red carpet.”

Is this the Future of fashion????


Also on the show, 99p Dress!! Yes 99p!! from OMGFashion But Yes! of course it is Only in Sizes 8 – 14!!

99p Dress

The 99p Dress by


Another gadget featured – Bluetooth Touchscreen Gloves from Firebox at £49.99, not a bad price i think, thou, as Phillip says ‘you may look rediculus and look like a fool, but its such a brilliant invention!’ lol think i find i totally agree lol lol

So to see the full segment with more Clothes with aSecrets or just to Holly and Phillips priceless excitement with the Touchscreen gloves go to ITVs This Morning

Holly & Phillip on This Morning

Phil’s Amazement at the Bluetooth Touchscreen Gloves


Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield on This Morning

Holly & Phil’s Amazement at the Bluetooth Touchscreen Gloves